After more than 6 years I have decided to close down my label diametric. and move on. The reason for this decision is mainly because I realized over the last few years that a multi faceted label is not really appreciated in the same way I am appreciating it and embracing it. People tend to need categories and diametric. started as a techno and electro label and evolved into an ambient/drone/experimental label. This evolution seems to be problematic for listeners and followers, for what ever reason.

Therefore I am closing diametric. by the end of October 2016 and I will return with a new label focusing on ambient/dark ambient/drone and experimental electronic music. Cromlech Records will go live in November/December 2016. Stay tuned for news.

In the meantime, if you are not yet totally bored by this message, you will be able to get a 35% discount on all available releases in the diametric. store until the end of October, starting as of today. Simply enter GOODBYE as a discount code during checkout in the diametric. online store.

diametric. online store